A little while away

Hi fellow kinky people !

I spent some time away from my mistress and great love, 3 whole days to attend a medical conference somewhere in Germany and to a bachelors party from of my friends of the glorious time I was still a student at the kings college. The conference was extremely boring and uninteresting, the party from my friend was good fun. It started out as as a normal London-afternoon, meaning fish and chips and Guiness and a cigar

Arround 21.00 when everyone was getting a little bored from what we had been doing, our host said to get in the direction of the Greenwich harbour, which we did. Once we arrived there the was a huge yacht stacked packed to maximum capacity with food, drink, and of course prositutes, were 11 people , there were 15 prostitutes and like 2 bottles of whiskey and others per person......not an ideal combination if you'd ask me. But at no time did I forgot that I am an owned slave and that only my mistress can touch my body, that I only can only worship her her. And that I only can be punished by her. It was a little bit akward for me, sitting there wachting how people where tied and beaten up. And I didn't even get an erection, my great love for the rest of my life was crying out of loneliness at our home, and I was having fun, that didn't make sense so for the rest of the party I sat down with some people I seemed to like and I still had a very good night, even without the hookers.

After that I went to Germany for the conference and that was extremely boring, made me even happier that when it was over I could take a couple of trains and I'd be back in the arms of my mistress, safe and secure

-slave a-


I miss being dominated !

Hi !

I'm home alone for a couple of days, my mistress is out of town for a couple of days to attend a conference on what she studies, so i'm alone. And I miss her terribly, she's back tomorrow so that's kind of a relieve, tomorrow i'll be back at my place her feet, ready to worship them as I am made to do, and ready to receive any kind of punishment she wants to give me. Ready to accept any kind of pain or humiliation she wants to give me, that's what i've been missing. I miss my girlfriend much more of course, I miss the warmth of feeling her body against mine at night. I miss the touch of her hand in my face to let me feel she loves me. But I miss the other thing she does with her hands too, holding and directing the whip that goes against my body. I miss being tied in an uncomfortable position while she tortures me, I miss her voice that sarcastically tells me to be quite and hold my body still if i struggle to much while she hits me. I think you guys get the point, I miss her so much, since we know know each other days like these have been the hardest days in our relationship, the days on which we're not together and we can only enjoy each other's company trough the telephone-lines (ok, we have cell-phones too, but telephone-line sound more literate, and as i'm a romantic... :D ) Tomorrow when she'll get back we're gonna have a long talk about how our weeks have been, we're going to enjoy a good glass of wine, and have a bourgondic foundue, and i'll feel calm and good again. Because I know the person who loves me the most is just in my arm reach ready to hug me, and to whisper in my ear, the mistress is home, little slave, all is well again.


My beautifull Mistress her feet.

Well, the blog's name tells it, the "the tale of Izzy's feet" I have a passion for my beautiful mistress her whole body, but the part i find the most erotic is her godly beautiful feet. Since the first time I had the heavenly honour of seeing them and sticking her toes in my mouth, until I licked and massaged them 10 minutes ago until the day I die. I have a foot fetish obviously, i love to handle, lick, hold, massage or just look at the feet of the woman i love most in the world, my mistress and girlfriend Izzy. It's not rare or abnormal, Some statistics have shown that 63% of men have some sort of sexual attraction to seeing their loved ones or other women barefoot. But I belong to the smaller group, I lick my Mistress her feet clean when she walked barefoot trough the city, when she went to college whole day, I love her feet. And I don't know specifically why, probably it's just something that comes with my natural submissiveness. But I love it, what I want to say to you guys is it's not an abnormal thing.
Mistress Izzy loves it too when I lie at her feet, or when I lick them. I think many women would like it. So of you're out there, like I was before I met the woman of my dreams. And you're having these kinds of thoughts. Remember this, your not alone ! And one day you will enjoy it, and it'll be great !

-slave A.-



Hi Guys!

Sorry it has been so long, but we're so loaded with work the last few weeks, and not everything goes like it's supposed to go. Slave A's granddad passed away late October, we both had a lot of things to do, so thats why we didn't wrote a word for weeks. Slave A. and I are going to try to make blogpost regularly again.

A little story,

Yesterday evening we just had dinner and we were both quite horny. So we decided we should do something outside, as it was dark and we're only minutes walking away from several isolated places, and it's getting very cold outside so that makes it all the better. We walked for a couple of minutes until we reached a Roman structure in the woods (there's a piece of a Roman wall in the woods where we live) There I commanded Slave A. to first take his coat off and put it on the ground. Than my hand went into her purse and I took out some handcuffs. REAL handcuffs by the way, we don't do the friendly handcuffs you can open yourself. If I decide to cuff my slave, than he's cuffed until I decide to release him. And that has to do with him being a good slave or not. Anyway, I cuff him with his hands behind a pole that was next to the wall he was still clothed, so I began to undress him. I putted his shirt on his head and when I found the buckle of his belt those trousers didn't stay on their place, but dropped to his ankles. Next I was going to take his shoes and socks of and let him take of his own trousers, and use his shirt as a blindfold. I could've played with my naked slave in the forest at -3 degrees. But than, out of nowhere there was another woman walking her dog. A bit like the thing I was doing but the polite non-kinky version of it :p So I had a heart attack, we were standing there in the woods, I managed to take a few pics of Slave A. before she arrived, but there she was, and there we were completely panicking, Slave A. was still tied to the pole half naked with his trousers at his ankles. So I hugged him and tried to pull up his pants and to hide that he was cuffed to the pole. After all, what we were doing was completely ok done between 2 people who love and trust each other very much. But the lady didn't knew that. Tying people to things in the forest in the night and undressing them can be something completely else. Anyway, this particular woman didn't seem to care much. She saw us, she saw what we were doing but decided (luckily for us) that walking her dog in the night was more interesting so she saw us and went on doing just that :p I rushed Slave A. back into his clothes, handed him his coat and off we went, back home. Deciding that it's typical for the kind of luck we have the first time we do something like this we get caught right into action :p
We're going to take a few days now, but than we might go back to that place in the woods, to get some more pics ;)

Mistress Izzy.

Slave A. getting prepared for his first punishment in the forest.


Spanking out hearts !

So the Mistress and I decided to go away or a weekend to a nice hotel right in the middle of nowhere ;). A couple of hours before leaving I was texting my Mistress and she told me she had forgotten to bring a whip. So before we left i bought one (picture below) and it's a little like my Mistress herself, not to big, sweet looking.... but it stings like a big bee. It really hurts more than all of our remaining whips. Despite of looking sweet. Last evening I was licking the Mistress's feet and I took the whip a hit her soles with it. I shouldn't have done that.... But sometimes I get so taken in the act and I was just to excited. Slaves make mistakes, otherwise I wouldn't need training. After I hit her soles she put me up against the wall and I was very afraid of what was coming. Those would be the first hits with our new whip. And damn it hurts so good !!! Mistress Izzy seemed to enjoy it too as she gave me a couple of them. After the beating she told me to start licking her feet again which I did, and she gave me a couple of more hits when I was lying at her feet. And now, my friends, I'm going to be her slave for the remaining time that we stay here. So keep a keen eye on our blog as Mistress Izzy and I will certainly be updating with exciting new stories the next couple of days !

Kind regards,

Slave A,

Our new whip


Hi guys !

Sorry we haven't been posting a lot the past couple of weeks, Mistress Izzy and I don't really have the time nor much desire to play. 3 weeks ago I went for my check-up to check i remain cancer-free, and they found a growth in my neck. Now, it's not cancerous but I  had 2 rounds of radiation and lots of medication and I was in a lot of pain. Like I wrote a couple of posts back I don't have a good relation with my family, when I really had cancer and had radiation and chemotherapy no one really cared about me. Luckily there's Mistress Izzy now, when I was completely stoned and puking my guts out she took care of me like no one ever did. It made me realize once again how great she is, and how lucky and privileged I am to have someone like her in my life, it's the greatest thing that could have happened to me. And the greatest thing that ever will happen, after thinking I would be alone for the rest of my life, she appeared. And now I know, I'll never ever be alone again!


24 hours a slave.

Hi people !

This week Slave A. en me are done with all the things we needed to do this month. Finally...
So I came up with this idea of using him as a slave for 24 whole hours. Now, like you guys all know Slave A. is my boyfriend too so the D/s relation is mostly limited to the bedroom and occasionally we do something outside of the bedroom when we're in an environment where it's ok. (Like the time he ate nuggets with my toes in an empty train carriage) But somewhere this week we're going to do take it a step further for once, to try if we both like it. Slave A. will be my fulltime slave for 24 straight hours. And we're both very excited to do it. We're gonna start small, it's not like i'm going to strip him naked in a busy street and whip him and let him lick other's people feet. But we're going to do some exciting things in public without being vulgar or making it obviously he's my slave. I'm gonna make up 10 rules he will have to follow during this 24h.

1. Mistress Izzy's will is law.
2. Slave A. will undergo any punishments Mistress Izzy wants to administer.
3. Slave A. will lick Mistress Izzy's feet at any time under any circumstance and in any state that Mistress Izzy wants.
4. Slave A. will be naked to Mistress Izzy's content, in public he will wear as little clothing as possible.
5. Slave A. will only drink the Mistress's champagne, in private from her vagina, in public from a bottle, unless she gives him something else.
6. Watch, phone and wallet need to be handed to the Mistress.
7. Slave A. will do any sexual act Mistress Izzy desires from him.
8. Slave A. will undergo any form and levels of boundage Mistress Izzy requires of him.
9. If Slave A. wants to do something he must first ask permission to speak, always addressing me as Mistress Izzy.
10. Just to be thorough and clear, Mistress Izzy's will is 100% law.

So that will be the rules, from when we decide it, they will be the only thing Slave A. has to worry about for 24h. Serving me, and listening to me. It's sure going to be a great time !

-Mistress Izzy-

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